Suncrown is an symphonic/epic metal band formed in 2011 by songwriter and keyboardist Oleg Biblyi (Ukraine) and vocalist Darren Crisp (USA). Later to band joined a solo guitarist Gustavo Bonfá (Brazil) and bassist Ederson Prado (Brazil). In July 2011 Suncrown released their first video clip “Follow Your Dream”.

   In October of that year Suncrown released a video clip in memory of Ronnie James Dio “Suncrown – Children of the Sea (Black Sabbath cover)” with legendary drummer Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell). Female singer Juliana Furlani (Brazil) and drummer Tim Zuidberg (Netherlands) joined 2 months later and brought great performance and energy to the group. In February 2012 the group recorded video clip “Believe” with 2 new members: guitarist Kevin Ellerby (USA) and flute player Uğur Kerem Cemiloğlu (Turkey). In June the group released a new music video -“Eyes of the World”- was made which showed the essence of the full group.

   First album “Follow your Dream”, was released in November 2012 which is currently available for purchase in our webshop.

   In summer 2013 band released new video on song from upcoming album “The Beginning Is Near” with new solo and rhythm guitarist Sindre Flo Myskja.
10 January 2014 was released second album “You’re Not Alone”.

   2015 New single “The Eternal Way”